History Behind the Purchase of the Church Building

The Wesley Methodist Church, Den Haag used to worship in a rented Church building owned by the Vicentius on the address, Korte Vleerstraat 230, Den Haag. The Church had been in this rented Church building for about twenty (20) years and the members had started demanding for their own Church building. It must be mentioned that the Church leaders did their best in order to buy a Church building but all their efforts were to no avail.H

Upon the arrival of Rev. Stephen Ampofo in the year 2017, a committee named the Building (Estate) Committee was formed in the year 2018. Members of this committee were Brother Clement Adu Twum, Sister Mavis Fordjour, Brother Daniel Owusu Nketia, Brother Frank Owusu and a co-opted member Brother Kwadwo Yeboah Kontor. This committee was tasked to find a suitable building taking into consideration the proximity to the people and the cost involved.

In September 2019, the committee located a building on the address Hofwijckplein 64, 2515 RL, Den Haag. The building was owned by the Gemente Den Haag and was used as Nursery school.

A detailed write-up comprising of what the building would be used for, a 10-year budget plan of the Church, a 10-year financial forecast of the Church and three (3) years financial statement of the Church were submitted to the Gemente Den Haag. Even though there were several prospective buyers who also made their bid for the purchase of the building, the contract to purchase the building was awarded to the Wesley Methodist Church, Den Haag.

However, after the contract was awarded, then came the challenge of raising the funds to buy the building.

To purchase this building, loans were taken from the Stichting Kerkelijk Geldbeheer (SKG), the Wesley Methodist Church, Amsterdam and Rotterdam Societies and some individuals to supplement the savings of the Church. The members of the Wesley Methodist Church Den Haag also gave wholehearted to support this vision and the amount was raised.

As a result, on a very special day, 20th February 2020 (20-02-2020), the purchase contract was signed and the keys to the building were handed over from the Gemente to the Church.

As a Church, we would like to extend our profound gratitude to our Sister Churches; Amsterdam and Rotterdam Societies and some individuals who gave the Church some loans to supplement the savings of the Church. We would also like to thank Stichting Kerkelijk Geldbeheer (SKG) who also gave us a loan as a Bank and all members of the Wesley Methodist Church who gave in diverse ways.

We would also like to appreciate our hardworking Building Committee members without whose efforts we wouldn’t have been able to purchase this building. We also appreciate our Resident Minister, the Rev. Stephen Ampofo for his visionary leadership, hardworking and for allowing God to use him in the purchase of this building. We cannot end without appreciating our Superintendent Minister, the Very Rev. Dr. Isaac S. Amoah for his counseling and prayer support.

To all the members of the Wesley Methodist Church, Den Haag, we say “ayekoo.” God bless all of us for our good heart, love for God and for the diverse support towards the purchase of this Church Building.

Long Live the Methodist Church Ghana, Long Live the Holland Circuit and Long Live the Wesley Methodist Church, Den Haag.

The Lord richly bless us all. Amen.